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Texas Holdem Offline Poker (iOS)

Download Texas Holdem Offline Poker

Offline Poker at its best!

Best Download Offline Poker - Texas Holdem iOS Games
Best Download Offline Poker – Texas Holdem iOS Games

* Offline Play – play anytime, anywhere, no waiting for slow online opponents

* 114 Unique Offline Opponents (some seemingly drunk and aggressive, some tight)

* Fast Fold – no waiting for the next hand

* Optional Increasing Blinds (doubling every 5, 10 or 15 minutes)

* Realistic sounds, and smooth animations


The cards are drawn 100% randomly and nothing is done to give the AI any unfair advantage whatsoever.

The AI learned by playing hundreds of millions of hands against itself (starting completely randomly and gradually improving). To test it I had it play online on real money holdem tables and it could hold its own. It plays better than I do myself.

For those users that are whining about the app being rigged against them, you should probably recognize that you don’t really know how to play poker very well and that you don’t have a real understanding of statistical variation. 

If you are unable to beat the AI and feel it rigged against you, please let me know if you play anywhere online for real money. I myself (the developer) am a less than average poker player (I lack the required patience), but I am sure I can beat you.

Download Texas Holdem Offline Poker

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