rvlvr. (iOS)

rvlvr. (iOS)

Download rvlvr. (iOS)

* PLEASE NOTE: Only iOS 10 or greater is supported. Apologies for inconvenience. *

Best Download rvlvr iOS Mobile Games
Best Download rvlvr iOS Mobile Games

Welcome to a whimsical journey of thousands, and thousands, and thousands of puzzles.

With a lovely visual palette, quirky soundtrack, smile-inducing sound effects, intuitive controls, and a seemingly endless array of puzzles, rvlvr. will keep you engaged for days on end with it’s clever rotating game mechanic and progressive difficulty system. 

Tap. Rotate. Furrow your brow. Scratch your head. 

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

And don’t forget to check Game Centre leaderboards to see who has completed the most puzzles!


• Unique rotating puzzle mechanic 

• Lovely, clean visuals

• Simple, intuitive controls

• Over 15,000 (yes FIFTEEN THOUSAND!) puzzle combinations

• Free to play

• Whimsical soundtrack

• Game Centre Leaderboard 

• Social sharing with friends

• Option to skip levels

Download rvlvr. (iOS)

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