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Little Panda Brain Trainer (Android)

Download Little Panda Brain Trainer (Android)

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This is a game to develop children’s brain power and unlock their potential!  

Little Panda is in trouble on the small island! Airplane parts, repair tools, and gifts for friends are scattered everywhere! My dears, use your smart brain to help little panda get the gifts back and fix the airplane! 

In the jungle, connect matching colors in the color maze to open the stone doors and find the gifts! 
In the cave, sort out the elves by shape, color or size to light up the area ahead and find repair tools! 
By the river, put the elves in proper order to make a floating bridge! Go to the other side of the river quickly to collect airplane parts! 

With your help, little panda has completed the brain games, fixed the airplane, and gotten the gifts back! 

– 3 main brain training mini-games : connecting, sorting, sequencing.
– 180 + levels for children to enjoy!
– Easy-to-use interface provides a fun learning environment.
– Free to download with no in-app purchases!

Little Panda Brain Trainer will help children: 
– Identify and match colors. 
– Recognize and distinguish shapes.
– Improve observation skills and logical thinking.

Download Little Panda Brain Trainer (Android)

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