Best Download iOS Puzzle Games Returner 77

[iOS] Returner 77 (5$)

Download [iOS] Returner 77 (5$)

Experience a sci-fi 3D puzzle adventure game like no other. Immerse yourself in a story of post-alien invasion Earth as one of the last survivors, exploring an alien spaceship that might be your key to rebuilding humanity.

Best Download iOS Puzzle Games Returner 77
Best Download iOS Puzzle Games Returner 77

“It’s among the best and most surprising new games we’ve encountered in recent months” – Apple Editorial Team

“Returner 77 certainly promises to deliver one of the most eye-popping iOS game experiences…” – Cult of Mac

“You’d be hard-pressed to find something more visually impressive on the platform” – Appunwrapper


-Engaging single-player puzzles with unique and surprising designs 

-Stunning 3D graphics with highly detailed environments. As good as a console game!

-Beautiful dynamic sound design

-Puzzle game with hints and auto solve options so you’ll never get stuck

-An ad-free premium experience

-No micro-transactions, pay once and get the full game

-Story with live-action video clips

-Auto-save feature so you can pick up where you left off

-Intuitive interface and sleek design 

-Frequent updates and added features

Buy the GAME OF THE DAY featured game today and begin your journey to save mankind!


Returner 77 is designed for the iPhone 5s and iPad Air 1 or newer devices

Supported Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Russian and Chinese.

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