[iOS] Power Painter: Shoot & Paint

[iOS] Power Painter: Shoot & Paint

Download [iOS] Power Painter: Shoot & Paint

Shoot, Merge and Paint! Defend your towers!

Best Download Strategy iOS Games Power Painter- Shoot & Paint
Best Download Strategy iOS Games Power Painter- Shoot & Paint

ChimpWorks presents an epic monster merge painting battle – Power Painter

They say good strategy wins wars – it’s the same in Power Paint!

Indulge your gaming senses in countless levels of super-fun merge and strategy tower defense challenges.


Merge towers, shoot your paintball bubbles and paint the whole screen! Make sure the bubbles do not reach the end of the trail and beware, you need a strategy to fight those bosses. The bosses’ attacks make the td strategy even more exciting since you’ll need more painting power. Use your funds wisely and merge fast when the going gets tough!


Splashes, merging, nail-biting tower defense battles – it’s really hard to stay on top of all challenges. All you need to do is try to get as far as you can. This exciting merge battle puts you on a real painting and tower defense strategy quest. Tons of exciting levels get harder and harder as you go. They’ll require the very best of you.

But, in the end, you’ll love every second of it. And… beware, this match strategy game can be highly addictive 😉

WHY YOU’LL LOVE Power Painter:

– Countless epic levels with increasing difficulty and new setups to discover

– Stunning graphic effects and ambient music and soundtrack

– Collect different paintball guns to help you defeat the bosses

– Crazy cool loot boxes to help you win this merge battle

– Hours of free merge games fun, and a Premium Membership to uncover cool helpful features

Now it’s time to pumper your needs for exquisite mobile gaming. 

Try the ultimate mix of tower defense and merge games.

Get Power Painter now for FREE!

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