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[iOS] Doomsday Clicker

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You’ve spent years developing the technology to withstand the total destruction of the earth’s surface, and Doomsday survivors will have no choice but to turn to YOU—their rescuer, their benefactor, their SUPREME LEADER!

Best Download iOS Games Doomsday Clicker
Best Download iOS Games Doomsday Clicker

Tap the buttons to build your underground shelter, then tap some more to expand it with luxurious rooms and upgrades. The bigger your bunker, the more people you hold, and the more coins you make. Keep tapping and watch as your profits grow to greater and more outrageous extremes!

In Doomsday Clicker you can:

• Collect bonuses when “unwanted visitors” come knock-knocking at your bunker’s door

• Discover endless quirky surprises!

• Feel immense satisfaction as numbers tick ever higher 

• Visit THE SUPERCHARGER, a wheel of chance that gives a limited-time productivity boost

• Destroy the world over and over again to increase profits. Destroy the world, and build it up again, making more and more every time!

• Meet tons of crazy characters… and watch them mutate

• Stay tuned! More locations, enemies and survivors characters are coming soon!

Doomsday Clicker is free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.

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