[Android] Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla - Free Mobile Games App Download

[Android] Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla

Download [Android] Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla

Invite and share your location with family members. GeoZilla is a life saver when it comes to knowing their whereabouts in real time on a map.

Best Download Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla Android Apps
Best Download Family GPS Locator by GeoZilla Android Apps

– Easily locate family using the GPS tracker within your phone
– Know when family leaves or arrives a place
– See where your family’s been during the week on a map
– Check in to assure family that you are safe
– Text and share images of your daily life 
– Assign location-based tasks to family members
And much, much more!

Use of Significant Location Change (SLC) ensures the family locator is in sleep mode until you have significantly moved on the map to keep the GPS tracker at bay and your battery life from draining.

Use the family locator app to get notified when loved ones leave home to know if they arrive safely and on time.

Add yourself as their emergency contact in GeoZilla GPS tracker and we will send you their location information if they need to inform you. 

This safety tracker app works great for those with an elderly loved one or teenager they must keep an eye on. Never worry again if your loved one is safe, with GeoZilla family locator you can rest a bit easier knowing that you have GPS tracking enabled and be certain your loved ones are safe when away from home.

Important: Please note, location sharing is opt-in only. GeoZilla requires consent from all family members to be used.

GeoZilla requires the following optional permission requests:
• Location services, to inform circle members of your current location
• Notifications, to inform you of your family’s location changes
• Contacts, to find other users to join your circle
• Photos and Camera, to change your profile picture

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