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Ramageddon – Online PvP Action (Android)

Ramageddon – Online PvP Action (Android)

Ram them all! From indie game studio Nydium Games comes a multiplayer game about rams dashing their opponents out of the map.

Fight your ram opponents in this purely skill-based action game. Knock out your enemies out of the map, earn and collect gold coins and customize your unique look. Through customization panel you can choose various colours, horns, and ram faces. 

Collect special power ups spawning on the map to get extra powers. The maps have some interactive elements (for example switches) and destructible objects.

The faster you run, the harder you ram!
Build up your speed to hit harder while managing your stamina wisely.
If you want to train your skills offline just train with A.I. bots.

PLEASE NOTE! Ramageddon is free to download and play. A network connection is required.

● Duel players online in real-time and earn coins for wining
● Play purely skill-based gameplay without pay-to-win stuff
● Ram your enemies on 3 interactive maps with destructible objects

● Feast your eyes with clear graphic designs and ragdoll-based collision physics
● Mock your enemies with one-tap selectable taunts
● Train with A.I. bots to master your skills

Ramageddon – Online PvP Action (Android)

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