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Generals War : RTS PVP Online (Android)

Generals War : RTS PVP Online (Android)

Hello Generals,

Generals War is a fair multiplayer real time strategy game which you can Battle with real players in real time , you can control and command your units, use support units, capture other bases and micromanage you army to the victory.

– A fair game with NO pay to win elements
– Real time strategy ( RTS ) game for mobile !

– Online real time war with other players
– Great explosions and war effects

– High quality graphics
– Best strategy style in mobile games

– Star based ranking system
– different battlefields with unique units and supports
– fast paced gameplay

– Skirmish battle with a hard AI (at high levels its makes you cry!)
– use different ground, air and support units like : tanks, fast tanks, fire tanks, air support,nuclear, long range units and …

Generals War : RTS PVP Online (Android)

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